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What causes employees to feel unsafe?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2023 | Employment Law

Workers are entitled to a secure working environment. This means that their bosses and employers cannot treat them unfairly or discriminate or harass them.

There are certain things that companies might do that would make the workplace unsafe or exploit their workers. This are three ways you can spot issues at your job:

1. Prohibitions on salary discussions

At their place of employment, employees are free to talk about their pay as they please. This means that employees who discuss their salaries with coworkers, during breaks, or on the job are not subject to restrictions or punishment from their employers. Employers may try to prohibit salary discussions so that they can unfairly pay some employers lower than others. 

2. Demands for off-the-clock work

Overtime compensation is a legal privilege for employees. Companies may try to take advantage of their employers by limiting overtime pay and pocketing the money, time and work for themselves. Employees must be paid one and a half times their regular wage when their employers request them to perform additional hours. 

3. Discrimination and sexual harassment

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace are some of the main problems employees face. The unfair treatment of others, particularly minorities, on the basis of protected characteristics such as their age, race, religion or gender is known as discrimination. 

Sexual harassment happens when there are unwelcoming sexual advances happening in the workplace or comments of sexual nature, for example. This can lead to a hostile work environment and other problems that make a worker feel intimidated and afraid. 

Do you believe you’re a victim of unfair workplace practices? Then you may need to learn about your legal options to protect yourself and other victims.