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Look for these red flags before signing an employment contract

At one time, only powerful companies required employees to sign employment contracts. In the 21st century, even some mom-and-pop operations use contracts to manage or control the employment side of running a business. For the record, most employment contracts protect...

Understanding same-sex sexual harassment in the workplace

The stereotype of an older, male boss chasing a young, female secretary around a desk probably started for a reason. After all, there was a time when sexual harassment in the workplace was something that most women just expected. Times have changed. With them, so have...

Did a potential employer violate The Fair Chance Act?

California workers have enjoyed the protections afforded to them by The Fair Chance Act since the start of 2018. This state law restricts how employers can advertise positions and consider applicants for any vacancies that they may have. This law was enacted to ensure...