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Ex-CEO allegedly faced retaliation for taking medical leave

Working full time in the United States means employees are entitled to certain benefits on top of pay. One of these benefits, the Family and Medical Leave Act, entitles eligible employees an extended time off from work if they have a medical condition that requires extensive care. This state has its own version, called the California Family Rights Act. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for workers in this state and across the country to face retaliation for taking advantage of these protections. A man in another state allegedly faced retaliation for using medical leave, and he has filed a lawsuit.

The man is a former CEO of an airport in another state. The lawsuit claims that the man faced retaliation for taking time off to recover from a surgical procedure. According to the plaintiff, he required liver transplant surgery and was granted medical leave.

Man allegedly faced retaliation for exercising FMLA rights

California is one of the greatest states in which to live and work. Being a full-time employee in California and across the country is not only about the pay, it is also about benefits such as health insurance and paid medical leave. The Family and Medical Leave Act ensures that workers are still paid when injuries or illnesses force them to miss work for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, some employers these days can and will retaliate against employees who use their rightful medical leave. Recently, a lawsuit was filed when a worker allegedly faced retaliation for using his FMLA rights.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was an employee of the Nissan company based in another state. The man claims he was hospitalized with a serious health condition and forced to miss several weeks of work. Upon returning to his place of employment, the plaintiff claims he faced retaliation.

FMLA and employment

Life happens, and when it does, sometimes employees need to take time to address personal issues without worrying about their jobs. This may be especially concerning for hourly wage workers.

Thankfully, there is legislation in effect such as the Family and Medical Leave Act that protects certain employees when they need to take time off. There are a few key facts to understand about the FMLA and its effect on employment.

Lawsuit filed by former employees over alleged retaliation

Workers in the state of California and across the nation have the right to speak out against wrong or unlawful acts they witness in the workplace. Whistleblower laws exist to protect employees from retaliation for reporting employer actions that are illegal or violate certain policies. What can be done when an employee is retaliated against or punished for reporting illegal activity? When this happens, legal action may be taken.

A surgical center in Santa Barbara became the focus of a recent lawsuit filed by two former employees that were allegedly terminated for reporting illegal activities. The lawsuit claims that the surgical center intentionally violated medical regulations as well as state and federal laws. Allegedly, the plaintiffs witnessed unsanitary techniques used by the staff and illegal control of drugs such as opiates, which led to unlawful access and possession of these drugs.

$2 million awarded to employees after wage and hour violations

When a person is hired to do a job in the state of California, the basic agreement and understanding is that the employee gets paid for the work he or she provides. Failing to pay employees is not only morally wrong -- it is illegal. The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law that establishes certain standards of employment, such as minimum wage and overtime pay requirements. There are also wage and hour laws in each state to ensure that employees are compensated fairly. Unfortunately, some employers continue to break these laws.

The owners of a restaurant in another state were recently ordered to pay $2 million for breaking several employment laws. The verdict was the result of a lawsuit filed by six employees against the owners of the restaurant for allegedly failing to properly pay its employees. The plaintiffs claimed that the owners of the restaurant often forced them to work over 80 hours a week and did not pay them overtime.

Former employee of media conglomerate subjected to retaliation

No person should have to put up with a hostile environment at work. However, even in today's progressive society, things like harassment and discrimination still occur far too often in workplaces across the country. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against NBCUniversal in Los Angeles, California, over allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation.

The lawsuit was filed by a former female employee of the media conglomerate NBCUniversal. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff claims that she was subjected to sexual harassment and a hostile work environment by her direct supervisor. She claims that she was retaliated against after complaining and reporting the alleged sexual harassment.

Woman files lawsuit due to alleged disability discrimination

Despite significant advancements and progress in society, discrimination continues to be a real problem in California and across the United States. Discriminating against a person based on age, sex, race or several other protected statuses is morally wrong and contrary to state and federal laws. When discrimination happens in the workplace, the effects can be especially traumatic. Recently, a woman in another state filed a lawsuit after she allegedly suffered discrimination in the workplace.

The plaintiff worked as a general manager for a company in another state. According to the lawsuit, the woman was terminated from her employment because of her disability. The plaintiff says that she worked at the company for over two years before being hired as a general manager.

Man fired as a result of alleged racial discrimination

It is common knowledge that discrimination in any form is wrong and can have lasting and negative impacts on a person's life. When discrimination happens in the workplace, the effects can be especially traumatizing. Fortunately, there are laws in the state of California and across the country to protect employees from facing discrimination in the workplace. Despite these laws, discrimination still occurs. A lawsuit was filed in another state after an employee was allegedly discriminated against and fired.

The plaintiff worked as the safety supervisor of a school district and, according to the lawsuit, was fired for his views about the black lives matter movement. The lawsuit claims the plaintiff was placed on paid suspension for, according to his employer, physically guiding a student onto a bus. The man claims he was later fired. The plaintiff claims that he was suspended and fired not because of the alleged physical interaction with the student, but because of an opinionated column that he wrote for a local newspaper.

Woman suffers retaliation in the form of demotion and termination

In the state of California and across the United States, laws exist to protect all employees from wrongful acts by employers. Most people are familiar with laws against harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately, not many people know that there are also laws that protect against retaliation in the workplace. Retaliation in the workplace can be defined as any adverse action taken against an employee for reporting illegal acts or complaining about things such as discrimination or harassment. In another state, a woman filed a lawsuit against her former employer recently, alleging that she was retaliated against.

The woman is the former head of a Human Services department. She claims that she was demoted and eventually terminated as retaliation because she reported potential illegal activities. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff noticed that child support records were unsecured. When audited by Social Services, the plaintiff claims that her superiors and co-workers lied about the records being secured.

Supermarket sued after allegedly violating wage and hour laws

When a person is hired to do a job, the agreement and expectation is that the person gets paid for the work they provide. Wage and hour laws exist in California and all across the country to ensure that workers are not taken advantage of and are appropriately paid. Unfortunately, employers will sometimes purposely break these laws, and when that happens, the affected employee(s) can pursue legal action. A supermarket chain in another state allegedly violated wage and hour laws of some employees and a lawsuit has been filed.

The lawsuit was filed by a current employee of the supermarket chain on behalf of himself as well as several other employees. In the lawsuit, employees allege that their employer made them work through the required 30 minute breaks even though they were not on the clock. Also, some employees claim that they had to drive to a managers house to retrieve and/or drop off the keys to the store. The plaintiff says the company failed to pay employees for this time. 

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