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Whistleblower laws offer protection from retaliation

Whistleblower is a term used to describe a person who reports, or blows the whistle, on illegal or unethical activity in the workplace. Luckily, there are laws at both the state and federal levels to protect whistleblowers. The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 protects employees from facing retaliation for reporting law violations or other unethical acts. A former employee of a school in California recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after she was allegedly fired for reporting improper activity.

The woman worked as controller and chief operator for the Santa Barbara County school for over two years before being terminated. According to allegations, the school's executive director had an inappropriate relationship with a contractor and misused school funds. Allegedly, the director also hired her daughter as a teacher, despite the daughter's lack of proper credentials.

Thousands of workers face harassment and retaliation every year

An employee reports improper behavior then faces harassment or retaliatory acts from their superiors in an effort to keep the employee quiet and sweep the accusations under the rug. It's a common and unfortunate scenario. Harassment and retaliation in the workplace is a direct violation of employment laws established in California and across the country. A woman in another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit over claims that she endured sexual harassment from the CEO of her former company.

According to the lawsuit, the woman met the defendant at an employee orientation. The plaintiff said she began receiving sexually suggestive emails from a man going by a different name than the defendant not long after her orientation. Allegedly, another female employee had received the same type of emails from a man with the same name, only to discover later that it was the CEO.

Women allegedly suffers retaliation for refusing to misuse funds

Being fired from a job is a significant event that can have astounding negative effects on a person, both financially and psychologically. It can be absolutely devastating for a worker to lose his or her job due to retaliation. Unfortunately, when superiors at work get called out for unethical activities, they often seek to retaliate against those who exposed them. In California, retaliation in the workplace is illegal and victims can pursue legal action.

A woman in another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit over allegations that she was fired in retaliation for refusing to participate in unethical activities. According to the suit, the parking meter proceeds in the shopping center for which she worked normally went to charities. However, the woman alleged that she was asked to use fees from parking meters for the business costs instead of sending the money to charities.

Workers may face punishment for using Family and Medical Leave

Full-time employees in California and across the United States are allowed to take extended time off in order to recuperate from an illness or injury or to take care of an immediate family member. The Family and Medical Leave Act enables eligible workers this extended time off without losing employment. However, it is not uncommon for employers to retaliate against employers who take advantage of FMLA leave. A woman in another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after she was allegedly fired for taking FMLA leave.

The woman worked as the director of the recreation department for a town in another state. According to the lawsuit, her husband was diagnosed with cancer and she was notified that she could take leave from her job to attend her husband's medical appointments under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Within a week of receiving this notice, the woman alleged that was disciplined for the first time in her 30-year career with the town.

The affects of the #metoo movement on the workplace

The #metoo movement is the latest wave to bring awareness to the need for protection against harassing behavior. With all the support of this movement, its impact is extensive.

In fact, though it started in the entertainment industry, it has also brought light to harassment and discrimination instances in the general workplace. Though it has positive intentions, this movement may possibly come with negative results as well.

Thousands of employees endure age discrimination

Unfortunately, those who are older are sometimes seen as inferior in the workplace. However, older employees can be very productive and can do just as much as younger employees. Having to endure discrimination in any form can do great psychological damage to a person. When discrimination occurs in the workplace, victims can pursue legal action. Tragically, thousands of employees in California and across the country endure age discrimination in the workplace.

A former employee in another state has filed a lawsuit alleging that he was discriminated against due to his age. The man worked for a plant as a manager and chief operator. According to the lawsuit, the man held two positions and only received one paycheck. Allegedly, he began his employment in 2001 and performed his duties diligently, never receiving a complaint until 2018.

Nurses file wage and hour lawsuit

Getting paid for doing work is a fundamental part of employment. It is not uncommon for employers to cut corners and neglect to pay employees appropriately. Wage and hour laws were put into place in California and across the United States to make sure that all employees are compensated fairly. Several nurses in another state filed a lawsuit over allegations that they were not paid for working overtime.

According to the lawsuit, the nurses did not receive overtime pay and were also not paid their regular hourly rate or even minimum wage. Allegedly, the nurses regularly worked more than 40 hours a week during the weeks that they were on call. The nurses say they routinely received calls, texts and emails about patient-related matters and were required to respond.

Worker suffers retaliation and files a wrongful termination suit

Sometimes, workers may suffer a significant injury at work. Fortunately, there are laws in the state of California that allow those who are injured to take extended time off for recovery without losing employment. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employers to retaliate and terminate workers who take advantage of these rights. Its common knowledge that losing a job can have significant financial implications and lead to many hardships. When employment is lost due to retaliation, victims often suffer emotionality and psychologically.

A man in another state has filed a lawsuit over claims that he was retaliated against for taking extended time off. The man worked for a printing company, and according to the lawsuit, the man hurt his arm while attempting to move a skid of paper. The lawsuit said the plaintiff's injury required surgery.

What workers need to know about employment law

Businesses are always looking for a competitive edge, and this may directly affect the well-being of employees. The unfair and unethical treatment of workers seems to be happening a lot these days. More and more workers in California and across the United States are taking a stand. Employment law can definitely be confusing. Workers who feel they have been subjected to illegal acts or wrongfully terminated should know their options.

Wrongful dismissal or termination occurs when an employee is fired without just cause. Just cause for termination can be when an employee breaks the terms of a contract or gross misconduct. Constructive dismissal is also a form of wrongful termination. This term is used to describe a change in an employee's contract without consent, such as a reduction of pay. This can force a worker into a situation where he or she has no choice but to terminate employment.

Former Adelanto employee files lawsuit after alleged retaliation

Obviously, losing a job can inevitably lead to financial problems. However, when employment is lost as a result of retaliation, the experience can also have severe psychological and emotional ramifications. When employers who participate in illegal or unethical activities are exposed, they can often look for revenge. In California, whistleblower laws protect employees from retaliation in the workplace.

A former employee of the city of Adelanto recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit over allegations that she was terminated in retaliation for reporting unethical activity. Reportedly, the woman had worked for the city for over 31 years. According to the lawsuit, the mayor at the time orchestrated a plan to bring in one of his friends as a contracted consultant to allow cannabis companies into the city to operate unchecked.

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