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Retaliation: Chipotle ordered to pay ex-manager almost $8 million

When employees are injured at work, extended time off may be required in order to recover. Fortunately, laws exist in California that grant injured workers this much-needed time off without losing employment or benefits. However, workers taking an extended time away from work can result in lost revenues for employers, and they may choose to take their frustrations out on innocent employees, resulting in retaliation.

A former employee of Chipotle recently received a payment of nearly $8 million after she was falsely accused of stealing and then fired. A lawsuit was filed by the ex-employee who worked as a general manger for 14 years for the popular restaurant chain. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff claimed that she was accused of stealing $626 from the restaurant's safe and wrongfully terminated. Allegedly, her superiors claimed to have footage of her stealing but destroyed the footage when the plaintiff denied stealing the money.

Man cites discrimination in wrongful termination suit

In today's world of business, its not uncommon for employers to weed out older employees in favor of younger and, often, less experienced workers. Although older workers provide value in terms of experience, some employers may see older employees as hurtful to their bottom line, since older, experienced employees are often paid more.  Discriminating against an employee because of age or any reason is against the law in California. What can be done when an employee experiences discrimination in the workplace? The victim can take legal action and file a lawsuit.

A man in another state recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer, citing age and sexual discrimination. The man worked as a program manager and claims he was told that he was being terminated after more than 20 years working for the company. The plaintiff was 59 years old at the time of his termination. The lawsuit, which has been removed to federal court, claims he was terminated due to his age and sex.

Mulitple women file lawsuit alleging pregnancy discrimination

Unfortunately, discrimination is still very present in today's society. Although a person may be discriminated against for many reasons, any type of discrimination is wrong and can be psychologically devastating for victims. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against a law firm in northern California over allegations of pregnancy discrimination.

The lawsuit was filed by three women who say they were discriminated against and mistreated after taking maternity leave. According to the plaintiffs, they endured numerous discriminatory and retaliatory acts when they returned to work from maternity leave. Allegedly, they all were passed over for promotions and denied the same pay raises as their peers. One of the plaintiffs claims she was told that her employer did not promote her because she had recently become a mother.

Understanding your rights as a pregnant woman in the workplace

If you are an employed, expectant mother and the company you work for employs 15 or more people, you have certain rights with regard to your pregnancy status when it comes to your work environment. More specifically, you have a right to enjoy a work environment free from pregnancy-related harassment or discrimination, and you also have the right to make certain moves on account of your pregnancy without having to fear retaliation from your employer or co-workers.

While these rights protect you if you are currently pregnant, they can also do so if you were recently pregnant, if you are trying to become pregnant, have a pregnancy-related medical condition or recently had, or are considering having, an abortion.

Woman wins $6 million in suit after losing her job to retaliation

No one should have to face harassment, especially in the workplace. When harassment comes directly from a manager or supervisor, the impacts can be psychologically and emotionally devastating. Employees in California that face harassment can and should report it. However, this can often bring about retaliation. A woman in another state recently won $6 million from a lawsuit she filed after she lost her job due to retaliation.

Reportedly, the woman had worked for Rite Aid for over 23 years . She claimed that an event at work caused her to have an emotional reaction that required her to be hospitalized. It was alleged that, when she returned to work following her medical treatment, she was transferred to four different stores. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was also subjected to derogatory remarks from her manager in front of co-workers and was falsely accused of giving out a prescription for free.

Construction company violates wage and hour laws

Workers these days may feel as if they are overworked and underpaid. Employers in California and across the nation are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, especially in today's economic climate. This is why wage and hour laws were enacted. These laws exist to ensure that workers are paid for the work they provide. Claims were filed against a construction company in another state after they allegedly failed to pay overtime to employees.

An investigation launched by the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor found that the company neglected to pay its employees overtime after the employees had worked over 40 hours in a workweek. The company also split employees' hours into two separate pay checks each week, to make it look like employees had not worked overtime, according to allegations. The company was recently ordered to pay back wages and damages to employees, as well as fines.

Family and Medical Leave: Lawsuit ends in $40,000 settlement

A great benefit available to full-time employees in California and across the country is the right to FMLA leave. The Family and Medical Leave Act is a federal law that gives eligible employees the right to take take off work if they suffer a significant injury that prevents them from working. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employers to retaliate against employees that rightfully use FMLA leave. This is illegal and may be grounds for legal action.

An employee in another state recently received a $40,000 settlement from a lawsuit he filed after his employer allegedly fired him for using FMLA leave. The suit said that the man worked at a jail and suffered a heart attack while at work. Allegedly, he was approved for time off intermittently under FMLA due to his heart condition.

Woman sues after experiencing harassment and discrimination

Navigating life in modern-day America can be a challenging and daunting endeavor. A crucial part of a successful life these days is obtaining stable, full-time employment. Gainful employment contributes to a person's sense of accomplishment and well-being. When a job is wrongfully stripped away due to things like discrimination or harassment, the effects can be absolutely devastating not only financially, but also psychologically. In the state of California, discrimination and harassment in the workplace is not only wrong, it is illegal.

A woman in another state filed a lawsuit after she was forced to quit because of what she says was a hostile environment. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was treated horribly and harassed by many of her co-workers. Allegedly, her co-workers would frequently yell at her and talk about her in a derogatory manner. The plaintiff claims she reported the harassment to her manager but nothing was done.

What are some examples of employer retaliation?

As a Los Angeles area worker, you probably already know your employer can terminate your employment for any cause and at any time. What you might not realize is federal law prohibits your boss from retaliating against you and terminating your employment for discriminatory reasons or for exercising certain employment rights

There are many reasons why employers may take retaliative actions against workers. Some of the most common causes involve discrimination complaints, whistleblowing and filing for workers’ compensation. When you are experiencing retaliation, you can take measures to protect yourself and hold your employer liable for using illegal employment actions. Here are a few examples of the different ways employers retaliate against their workers. 

Former Walmart executive alleges his firing was retaliation

Every person knows that losing a job can have significant financial ramifications, especially in California where the cost of living continues to increase. However, the loss of employment can also have profound emotional and psychological effects. This can be a downright traumatic experience, especially when loss of employment comes at the hands of retaliation. When employers are caught in the act of illegal business practices, they will often retaliate against employees that speak up.

A former executive of Walmart filed a lawsuit against his former employer over claims that his firing was the result of retaliation. The lawsuit asserts that Walmart has been skewing the numbers of its online sales. Allegations in the lawsuit claim that Walmart has been purposely miscategorizing some items listed, which can result in merchants who sell through their website being overcharged.

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