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Workplace injustice: Discrimination by association

Many people spend the majority of their day in their work environments. Therefore, workplace discrimination can have a strong, negative impact on their lives.

In order to address discrimination, one must first be able to identify it. Along with the common types of workplace discrimination, there are some that people do not always immediately recognize, such as discrimination by association.

Woman files lawsuit alleging gender discrimination

In recent years, great improvements have been made for women's rights. For decades, women silently endured discriminatory acts, but these days more and more women are taking a stand for equality in the workplace. Although the movement to end gender discrimination has made significant progress, women are unfortunately still discriminated against at work and in society. Discrimination is completely wrong and can cause great psychological damage to victims.

A woman in another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after she was allegedly harassed and fired due to her gender. The woman worked as an associate for a private equity firm. According to the lawsuit, she was the only female associate and was constantly belittled and harassed by her male colleagues. Allegedly, none of the male co-workers were disciplined or reprimanded for their discriminatory acts.

California woman who allegedly faced retaliation settles lawsuit

Every year, thousands of workers in California and across the country are retaliated against for taking a stand. No person should ever have to endure retaliation or harassment in the workplace. A woman in Burbank filed a lawsuit after she was allegedly harassed and retaliated against, causing her to resign. The woman worked as a special education director for a school district.

She asserted that she consistently received high marks for her job performance, and noted that her superior praised her for the many positive effects she had on the school district. However, a few years after her employment began, a new supervisor was hired, according to the lawsuit. The plaintiff claimed that her new supervisor repeatedly asked her to break compliance laws that pertained to special education students. The lawsuit detailed one example when the plaintiff was asked to evaluate special education students during their summer break even though the plaintiff informed her supervisor that this would be against compliance guidelines.

Signs of an unhealthy workplace

It is important for your workplace environment to be healthy. The culture at your job not only affects your happiness and productivity, but it may also be illegal. Discrimination, harassment and unpaid wages are all examples of unlawful employment practices.

How can you know for sure if your workplace is toxic? Here are some red flags that you work in a negative environment.

Proposal may help California residents facing age discrimination

Older Americans generally have a wealth of knowledge. They typically know what has been tried before, why one method will work better than another and a vast array of other critical details. This type of knowledge is gained through experience; however, some companies do not recognize the value of these older individuals. In fact, some older California residents will find themselves the victim of age discrimination either in their current job or as they are searching for a new job.

In some cases, proving that age was the determining factor in an individual not being hired or action being taken regarding current employment has been difficult. Companies would indicate that there were other factors that led to the decision. As things stand now, older Americans often find it difficult to prove age discrimination because this proof is held to the standard of being the only reason for the company's decision.

No worker should have to endure harassment or retaliation

One of the most hurtful and traumatizing things an employee can experience is harassment from a superior. No person should ever be forced to endure harassment, especially in the workplace. Unfortunately, it seems to be happening more and more these days in California and across the United States. Workers who take a stand against harassment will usually also face retaliation. This is allegedly what happened to a woman in another state and she filed a lawsuit.

The woman worked as an executive for a tech company and says she was sexually harassed by the CEO. According to the lawsuit, the woman endured a highly sexualized work environment. She claims the CEO and other men in management positions constantly made sexist jokes, talked openly about women in a sexual manner and pursued sexual relationships with female workers.

Lawsuit filed over allegations of pregnancy discrimination

Could a female employee be fired from a job just for being pregnant? The answer is yes, and depending on the situation, this could be considered pregnancy discrimination. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employers to try to force an employee out just for being pregnant. A woman in California recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after allegedly suffering pregnancy discrimination.

The lawsuit said the woman worked for a restaurant group for over five years and had worked her way up to the highest server position. Allegedly, she had planned to transfer to a location in Napa Valley, a move that was authorized by her manager. The woman said when she arrived in Napa Valley, she learned that there was no job waiting for her. The woman said that a few weeks prior to her move, she informed her superiors that she was pregnant.

Woman terminated for using Family and Medical Leave

Thanks to established employment laws, workers in California and across the United States have benefits and rights to protect them when certain needs arise. The Family and Medical Leave Act gives employees the right to job-protected leave in order to recuperate from an illness or injury or to take care of an immediate family member. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employers to retaliate against workers who take FMLA leave. A woman in San Francisco filed a lawsuit after she was allegedly fired for using FMLA leave.

The woman worked for a cafe in South San Francisco. The woman said her mother-in-law who lived in Nicaragua became deathly ill. According to the lawsuit, the woman was given permission to take off work and fly to Nicaragua to help care for her dying relative. The lawsuit said that the plaintiff's mother-in-law later died, so the woman came back to San Francisco to return to her job.

Age discrimination is becoming prevalent these days

As the American workforce ages, it's becoming commonplace for employers to force out older workers. However, older workers can be just as proficient as younger workers, and older workers have just as many rights as younger workers. The Age Discrimination Employment Act of 1967 made it illegal for employers to discriminate against an employee based on age. Unfortunately, this does not stop age discrimination from happening in the workplace.

A 60-year-old man in another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after he was allegedly fired from his job because of his age. The man worked as a police officer for an airport for over 11 years. According to the lawsuit, the man was given a poor evaluation by a younger supervisor in an attempt to force the plaintiff into retirement. The man said that, prior to this, he had always received excellent performance reviews and received annual raises. The lawsuit also claimed that the supervisor brought up the plaintiff's age to co-workers on occasion

Lawsuit against a university alleges discrimination

Judging a person based on gender or the color of the individual's skin is wrong and incredibly distressing for victims. There are many types of discrimination, but racial discrimination in particular is still prevalent in the United States. One would think that modern-day society would progress past this, but sadly, racial discrimination still happens frequently in workplaces across California.

A former employee of a university in another state has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit over allegations that she was fired due to her skin color. The woman worked as a program director for the school and says she was discriminated against by her supervisor. The plaintiff is Caucasian and said her former supervisor is African-American. According to the lawsuit, the supervisor commonly made racist statements.

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