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Highly Recommend Golan Law!

I found myself in an extraordinarily difficult situation at work and needed an attorney. I reached out to Jeremy Golan and immediately felt comfortable. He is unlike any attorney I have met – 

Brooke D.

Best Counsel in the Area of Labor and Employment.

When the need comes to defend yourself against discrimination and Wrongful Termination, the best Attorney to hire is Jeremy M. Golan and His Professional Law Corporation. I had a Wrongful Termination Case after been Employed at my Work for 10 Years.

Marina M.

Strongly endorse Jeremy’s work

I was wrongly terminated by an employer and it turned out to be a rather complex case. Over the next few months I contacted a number of attorneys, unfortunately they all wanted 10 to $20,000 retainer up front to take my case!

Neil H.

If I ever, I have to do this again…He is my guy

I am not one to write a review and especially not one for a legal service but Golan Law turned a very difficult time into a very positive experience.

Kristen N.

Great lawyer!

Jeremy is a great lawyer! He did a great job for us and was Always there for us at anytime of the day. He is a hard worker and Definitely recommend him to anybody needing legal help in his field,

Chris L.

Class Action Hero!

Jeremy is outstanding! Completely thorough and professional through the whole process. Made it easy and was very helpful from beginning to the end. It was a long road, as these processes can be, but in the end we prevailed and won!

Jamie J.

Golan Law Exceeded My Expectations!

Jeremy’s professionalism and experience made a huge difference in helping us to win a very difficult case. Although the other attorneys tried annoying tactics that delayed our proceedings for much longer than necessary,

Dan W.

Someone who will care as much about your case as you do!

I was referred to Jeremy Golan by a friend of a friend. I had previously spoken to half dozen other plaintiff’s employment attorneys, and my case wasn’t “significant enough” for them to take it on.


Always Great Advice!

Jermey Golan was extremely helpful solving my case. He has always Given me great advice. He is sensitive, caring and smart and when need Aggressive. He always returns calls very quickly. That was important to me, never left me waiting.

Marie C.

Jeremy was awesome and came through on everything!

I had a fantastic experience with Jeremy! He was readily available and communicative while working on my case. Explained everything clearly and in plain English. I really loved that he made the engagement process unbelievable simple.


Breath of fresh air!

Jeremy is concise and to the point. I’ve hired attorneys who use their practice as a cash register instead of servicing their clients, and so I was pleased that Jeremy was so concise and informative.

Morgan H.