Advocating For California Employee Rights

Representing The Rights Of High-Wage Earners

High-wage earners, whether freelancers, salaried employees or leaders of corporations can be shortchanged for compensation.

High-wage earners may encounter legal issues with severance agreements that require careful review – and with employment contracts containing “good cause” clauses, from which disputes can arise over the existence of “good cause.”

When any of these problems interrupt the career of a high-wage earner, professional or executive, the skilled assistance of an experienced employment law attorney can be essential to resolving disputes in and out of the courtroom.

At Golan Law, P.C., in Los Angeles, Jeremy M. Golan is a lawyer and litigator providing quality legal services for salaried executives with employment law issues or problems specific to them, such as differences over contract disputes, nondisclosure, noncompete and severance.

Jeremy M. Golan has generated a recognized reputation for results in his work on behalf of employment law clients from all walks of life in Southern California, including high-end executives and accomplished commissioned salespersons.

If you are a high-wage earner, professional or executive who suspects that your rights have been violated for any reason, you should be in touch with our law firm immediately to secure an initial consultation.

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