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Discrimination Is Unlawful In California

The State of California has strict laws to ensure your employment opportunities are not restricted by workplace discrimination.

California law prohibits workplace discrimination. Employers are prohibited from altering the terms and conditions of employment because of an employee’s nationality, sex, race, ethnic origin, religion, color, sexual orientation, age, disability or medical condition.

It is also against the law for an employer to retaliate against an employee who reports perceived workplace discrimination. If you have been a victim of such wrongdoing, turn to Golan Law, P.C., in Los Angeles. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

What Counts As Discrimination?

Employment discrimination may involve hiring and terminating, transfers, lay off, promotions, assignment, compensation or categorization of employees and discriminatory job advertisements. Similarly, it can also include testing, recruitment, discriminatory use of company facilities where a particular person or group is given preference, fringe benefits, training opportunities and disability leaves and payment or retirement plans.

If anyone is found to be the victim of the employment discrimination, he or she recover:

  • Back pay and future pay
  • Damages for emotional and physical injuries
  • Attorney fees and court costs
  • Punitive damages

You Have A Time Limit To File A Claim

If you want to sue your employer for employment discrimination, you will have to consult an attorney as early as possible because there are time limits to all such cases. Call 310-904-6783.


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