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2 signs of discrimination during a job interview

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2022 | Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace can happen at any stage, including during an interview. If you miss out on a job, it may be because your experience doesn’t match what the company is looking for. However, if your interview was odd and you have been denied the job, you may have cause to suspect discrimination

It is important for job applicants to know how to identify discrimination. Below are two possible signs.

Uncomfortable questions

Businesses conduct interviews to get applicants with the needed skills. Therefore, questions should be about an applicant’s experience and education or training. You should be concerned when an interviewer asks uncomfortable (and potentially prohibited) questions. Examples are if you are married, if you have children or your country of origin. In some cases, particularly in online interviews, you may be asked prohibited questions like your race, sex or disability status.

An employer may ask such personal questions as a requirement by the government for affirmative action programs. However, they should inform you of the purpose of these questions, and you should have the option of not answering.

Some questions that are not work-related may not be illegal. However, they can be considered an example of discrimination when they are the reason you’re not hired.

Unnecessary tests

Tests are common during the application process. Employers use them to determine if a candidate’s skills are appropriate for the job. However, it may be a sign of discrimination if you are subjected to unnecessary tests, particularly if some groups may be at a disadvantage or if they aren’t given to all applicants.

Being discriminated against during the application process can prevent you from getting your dream job. If you believe you were judged unfairly as a job applicant, it may be wise to get legal guidance to determine the best course of action.