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What damages can you recover from employment discrimination?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Discrimination

The term “employment discrimination” is wide and can cover a number of different workplace events. It covers the entire duration of employment from hiring to termination. 

In making a claim against your employer for discrimination, you may just be looking to take a stand and seek some justice. What you might not know is just exactly what compensation you can seek. Below are four general categories under which you can make a money claim, depending on the nature of the discrimination.

Back pay and future pay 

Back pay and future pay are quite simple to understand. It accounts for pay that’s already been lost and anticipated future losses had the discrimination not occurred. 

For example, where it’s determined that a person has been terminated unlawfully as a result of their gender, age or sexual orientation they are entitled to claim lost wages from the date of their termination to the date of the judgment. If you can prove that your career has suffered or you’ve been unable to find work since you were terminated, that could justify future pay.

Pain and suffering

Losing your job is always an emotional and difficult thing to go through. When it’s unfair and as a result of discrimination, it can cause serious emotional distress and there is a system in place to compensate for this. Pain and suffering are valid parts of any claim.

Attorney fees and court costs 

When making a claim for discrimination, you can also be awarded the costs associated with hiring an attorney. What this means is, if you win, your employer may be liable for paying your legal fees. 

Punitive damages 

The court may choose to award this type of damages where the conduct of the employer is particularly bad and it’s felt that there’s a need to punish them in order to set an example for others and discourage similar behavior. 

No one should have to be a victim of employment discrimination. If you’re considering making a claim against your employer, there are time limits so it’s important that you act quickly.