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Strategies for dealing with a workplace bully

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Employment Law

Workplace stress is a fairly routine experience for many people. However, this stress is usually manageable and should certainly not impact a person’s health.

Unfortunately, stress can be caused by something much more serious than a heavy workload, such as workplace bullying. Being bullied can make coming to work intolerable. It can also result in some significant health issues, especially in a psychological sense.

What strategies can you adopt to deal with a bully in the workplace?

Approach Human Resources

Every company should have a human resources department that is equipped for dealing with workplace bullying. They should be able to tell you in detail about the anti-bullying policies and procedures of the firm. The first, and often most difficult step, is coming forward and telling someone about your issues. Managers and supervisors should always be open to listening to legitimate grievances. If this doesn’t happen in your case, try not to worry as you still have options.

Note everything down

You don’t want to end up in a scenario where it is only your word against that of another person. One way to avoid this is to gather as much documentation as you can. If you’ve received threatening letters, emails or messages, hold on to them so they can be produced later on. Note down the time and dates of any physical altercations, as it may be possible to examine these on security cameras.

It isn’t your fault

Bullies often try to get those on the receiving end to take the blame. Remember, it isn’t your fault and there are people out there who can offer support. Seeking legal guidance will help you address the matter in a prompt and professional manner.