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What is the most common type of employment discrimination?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Discrimination

Discrimination can take many different forms. When someone is discriminated against based on some inherent qualities, such as their race or their gender, it is illegal. It’s important for employers to treat all of their employees the same way.

But have you ever wondered what kind of discrimination shows up the most?

The trouble with retaliation

While you may be surprised to learn that racial discrimination and religious discrimination are not at the top of the list, it is important to know that retaliation is often cited as the most common type of discrimination in the workplace.

What does this mean exactly? It often means that the employee has filed a complaint and been retaliated against for doing so. This could mean that the initial discrimination was something else entirely.

For instance, maybe a worker was discriminated against or harassed based on their race. They went to their boss to report what had occurred. Rather than doing anything about it, their boss fired them or cut their hours. What may have started as racial discrimination is now an instance of illegal retaliation on the part of that company. Employees need to know that they have a right to make these reports when they are treated unfairly, so retaliating against them is detrimental to this effort and is therefore illegal. 

No matter what type of discrimination and harassment you have faced, you need to know about all of your legal options. Employees have a lot of rights in the United States, and you need to know how to make sure that yours are upheld at all times