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Can you spot an impending wrongful termination before it happens?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | Employment Law

Unfortunately, some California employers attempt to get around the rules to terminate employees protected by state and federal employment laws.

The following are three types of wrongful termination:

  • When it is an act of discrimination
  • When it is an act of retaliation
  • When it violates the terms of an employment contract

In some cases, employees may feel that something is wrong at work, but they cannot pinpoint the problem. If this feeling persists and your boss begins displaying unusual behaviors, you may be facing the loss of a job.

Some potential signs

If employers want to remove a worker protected by anti-discrimination and retaliation laws, they may try not to be overt in their actions. They may fabricate a paper trail (disciplinary reports, poor performance reviews, etc.) to establish a valid reason for the firing. Even so, there are signs that may indicate that your job is in jeopardy.

  • You recently reported harassment or discrimination to your boss.
  • You recently participated in a whistleblower investigation.

Afterwards, you may experience the following:

  • You start receiving unusual verbal criticism that escalate over time.
  • Your boss begins writing you up for minor or even false workplace violations.
  • You are excluded from meetings or events in which you usually participate.
  • Your boss suddenly demotes you to a position with less authority or responsibility.

When you can find no viable reason for the above actions, your employer may be planning to terminate you without cause. At this point, you should document everything that occurs at work to help you prove wrongful termination (in case you get fired).

If it is too late and you have already lost your job, a good next step is learning about California wrongful termination laws and the legal remedies at your disposal.