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Look for these red flags before signing an employment contract

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2021 | Employment Law

At one time, only powerful companies required employees to sign employment contracts. In the 21st century, even some mom-and-pop operations use contracts to manage or control the employment side of running a business.

For the record, most employment contracts protect and benefit the employee and the employer. However, certain clauses that sometimes appear in employment contracts could put your California employee rights in jeopardy. If you earn a high wage, your contract is likely quite complex, which could increase the odds of it containing unfair provisions.

Avoid signing if your contract contains these clauses

Employment contracts seem a bit tedious to read, so most people tend to skim over the details instead of absorbing them. Unfortunately, that means you run the risk of overlooking potentially harmful clauses like the ones below:

  • Incorrect compensation provisions: It is one thing to discuss your compensation with a prospective employer, but what if some of the items you talked about are absent from your contract. We recommend not signing the contract until your compensation details are correct and defined clearly.
  • Ownership of intellectual property: The creation of intellectual property is a characteristic of corporate business. Make sure any clauses addressing such works involve only the property you create while working.
  • Unmatched job details: Unfortunately, many employees fail to notice whether the job duties and title in the contract match those in the job posting. If you see that they do not, it is wise to seek clarification and have the document amended to your satisfaction before signing.

You want your job to flourish and last for a long time, and your employer probably does, too. Learning more about California employment contracts can ensure you get off to a good start and set yourself up for a long, successful career.