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Lawsuit against a university alleges discrimination

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Discrimination

Judging a person based on gender or the color of the individual’s skin is wrong and incredibly distressing for victims. There are many types of discrimination, but racial discrimination in particular is still prevalent in the United States. One would think that modern-day society would progress past this, but sadly, racial discrimination still happens frequently in workplaces across California.

A former employee of a university in another state has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit over allegations that she was fired due to her skin color. The woman worked as a program director for the school and says she was discriminated against by her supervisor. The plaintiff is Caucasian and said her former supervisor is African-American. According to the lawsuit, the supervisor commonly made racist statements.

The plaintiff alleges that her supervisor said that she hated white people. Allegedly, the plaintiff went to HR with complaints on six different occasions, but nothing was done. The plaintiff claims that she was fired without notice. Her supervisor cited poor performance, although the plaintiff said she had never had a poor performance evaluation. The plaintiff seeks an unspecified amount in damages.

It is sad that discrimination is still so prevalent in America these days. Unfortunately, many people choose to remain intolerant of those who have differing characteristics. Those who have been discriminated against at work may want to consider discussing the matter with an experienced employment law attorney. By filing a lawsuit, victims of discrimination could receive compensation for any hardships they have experienced due to unjust and unfair treatment.