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Women allegedly suffers retaliation for refusing to misuse funds

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Retaliation

Being fired from a job is a significant event that can have astounding negative effects on a person, both financially and psychologically. It can be absolutely devastating for a worker to lose his or her job due to retaliation. Unfortunately, when superiors at work get called out for unethical activities, they often seek to retaliate against those who exposed them. In California, retaliation in the workplace is illegal and victims can pursue legal action.

A woman in another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit over allegations that she was fired in retaliation for refusing to participate in unethical activities. According to the suit, the parking meter proceeds in the shopping center for which she worked normally went to charities. However, the woman alleged that she was asked to use fees from parking meters for the business costs instead of sending the money to charities.

Allegedly, the plaintiff refused to do this and told her superiors that diverting the fees away from charities was immoral and unethical. The woman was then fired, according to claims. The woman worked as a general manager for the shopping center for 14 years before being terminated, the lawsuit said.

Reportedly, this case is now in federal court. There are laws at both the state and federal levels that protect all employees from retaliation and harassment. Those in California who have experienced retaliation at work or feel that they were wrongfully fired from a job could benefit from discussions with an experienced attorney. A lawsuit, if successful, could provide a sense of justice as well as much-needed and rightful compensation to offset lost wages.