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Worker suffers retaliation and files a wrongful termination suit

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Retaliation

Sometimes, workers may suffer a significant injury at work. Fortunately, there are laws in the state of California that allow those who are injured to take extended time off for recovery without losing employment. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employers to retaliate and terminate workers who take advantage of these rights. Its common knowledge that losing a job can have significant financial implications and lead to many hardships. When employment is lost due to retaliation, victims often suffer emotionality and psychologically.

A man in another state has filed a lawsuit over claims that he was retaliated against for taking extended time off. The man worked for a printing company, and according to the lawsuit, the man hurt his arm while attempting to move a skid of paper. The lawsuit said the plaintiff’s injury required surgery.

Allegedly, the man informed his superiors that he had been released from heavy duty work by his doctor, but was still available for light work. The man claims that he was informed by his manager that, due to liability reasons, the company could not allow him to do light duty work. According to allegations, the man was fired shortly after this. The plaintiff seeks damages in excess of $75,000.

No employee should face punishment for taking advantage of rights. Fortunately, workers in California and across the country are protected by law from retaliation in the workplace. When employment laws are broken, victims can take legal action. By filing a wrongful termination lawsuit, victims could be awarded substantial compensation to replace lost wages and recover any monetary losses that may have occurred due to this unfortunate experience.