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Losing a job to retaliation can be devastating

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

In modern-day American, securing a stable job is the cornerstone of living a productive and fulfilled life. Having a job taken away as the result of retaliation is something that can psychologically and financially scar a person for the rest of his or her life. It can be tough to recover from something as catastrophic as this, but California workers should know that established employment laws offer protection from harassment and retaliation.

A woman in another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit over claims that she was retaliated against after filing a complaint against her boss. The lawsuit said the woman hired for the position of vice president of business development but later transferred to a new position. According to claims, her new supervisor harassed her due to her age and gender.

Allegedly, the plaintiff reported her supervisor for making inappropriate comments along with other difficulties she faced while working with him. The woman claims she was terminated only 10 days after being interviewed about the reports. The plaintiff alleges that her termination was the result of retaliation and gender discrimination. She seeks economic and compensatory damages, as well as all other just relief.

Unfortunately, this is becoming a common scenario across the country. What can be done if a person loses his or her job because of retaliation and/or harassment? Legal action can be taken. By consulting with an experienced legal representative and filing a claim, victims in California could receive substantial compensation to replace wages and aid in recovering any monetary losses that may have occurred as a result of this difficult experience.