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How to emotionally handle a wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2018 | Uncategorized

Many people successfully sue former employers for wrongful termination. In one recent case, a Catholic school teacher in Los Angeles sued her employer for firing her for becoming pregnant and won $3 million. 

When you know an employer fired you wrongfully, it can be an emotionally-distressing time. There are legal actions you can take, but you may have emotional problems during this time. As you pursue your case, it is vital to keep the following points in mind. 

Stay calm

When your employer fires you on the basis of discrimination, it can be easy to lose your cool. However, if you lash out, then your employer can claim a valid reason for terminating your employment. It is natural to feel upset, especially since you may not know how to pay your bills. It is critical to avoid taking your anger out inside the workplace. 

Gather evidence ahead of time

In many cases, an employee can see the writing on the wall. There may be hints around the office an employer is about to fire you. In this instance, you want to start gathering evidence. You should use this time to get the contact information of key people around the business who you may need to get in touch with for your case. 

Conduct research

You can also use this time to conduct research into wrongful termination laws in California. There is plenty of information online, but you should also reach out to legal professionals who can answer questions for you. 

Plan for the future

In addition to the case, you will also need to look for other work in the meantime. You should prepare an explanation for what transpired at your last place of work. You want to be careful of complaining about your former employer too much. There is no reason to name names or get into the details because it could make a prospective employer hesitant to bring you onboard.