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Reporting illegal activity can result in retaliation

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Uncategorized

In order to stay profitable in today’s competitive economic climate, cutthroat actions by California businesses and employers are not out of the norm. Far too often, personal agendas and greed take precedence over ethical behavior and doing the right thing. Employees that witness unethical and illegal activities are protected and can take a stand. However, workers who blow the whistle are often subjected to retaliation.

A former attorney for the city of Cupertino has filed a lawsuit over claims that he was retaliated against and fired. The man claims the city fired him so it could push through a housing development project that allegedly violated state laws. Reportedly, the project would turn a former shopping mall into a hub of housing units and retail space.

After expressing concerns that the project would not pass state laws, the lawsuit said a councilman became angry and verbally abusive toward the plaintiff. The plaintiff also claims that the councilman threatened to remove him from his position if he did not comply with plans. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was soon terminated without notice.

Illegal conduct inside the workplace should always be reported. Although those who are called out often resort to retaliation, employees in California should know that they are protected by state and federal laws. When a worker is retaliated against for shedding light on immoral or illegal activities in the workplace, he or she can take legal action. By filing a claim, victims could receive damages to replace lost wages and provide financial support to help them through this difficult experience.