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Protection against age discrimination

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There seems to be a stigma that as people age, they are less able to add to society as productive citizens. This is not only incorrect but also illegal.

Thankfully, there are laws and regulations in place to aid aging workers in the fight against discrimination. If you think you have a discrimination case, there are a few things that you should consider.

Protective regulations

There are different regulatory agreements in place to protect the aging population within the workplace. Three of the most common ones include the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 and section 188 of the Workforce Investment Act. The most commonly recognized regulation of the three is the Age Discrimination Act, which prohibits discrimination and any related practices in programs that receive funding from the government. Familiarizing yourself with these laws may aid you in properly cultivating a successful argument. 

Proper proof

Having and presenting the right evidence is key, especially since age discrimination is not easy to prove. Therefore, it is essential that you try to document your experience in every way possible, including any written evidence you received or witness statements. It can also be helpful to create a timeline. With such proof, it may be possible to build a strong case, even when an employer’s actions do not connect to an act of discrimination, such as termination due to your age.

Protected classes

The regulations and laws in place do cover a large amount of the aging demographic. In fact, many of them protect employees from age 40 and up. However, those parties who have not yet reached that age may find themselves in an interesting gap. In such instances with little legal protection, pursuing a discrimination claim may be the best option.

By keeping these things in mind, you can begin to build a strong age-discrimination case. It may also be beneficial to review and become familiar with the regulations for the state and for your particular company.