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Shedding light on sexual harassment and discrimination

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America has seen remarkable cultural and societal improvements in recent years. Despite this progression, workers across the country are commonly treated unfairly, simply because of differing gender and/or race. These days, allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination are becoming commonplace in the headlines, as thousands of women are coming forward, refusing to be silenced. A wrongful termination suit was recently filed against a California university after the female dean of the school was allegedly subjected to sexual harassment and fired.

The woman worked as the dean for the university for eight years. Allegedly, she faced sexual harassment while employed at the school. According to the lawsuit, the university tried to pay her off in an effort to silence her claims. The lawsuit says that the university also tried to force her to resign under false pretenses to keep her allegations out of the spotlight.

The plaintiff was fired after refusing to be paid off and refusing to resign, according to claims. The incident is gaining traction on social media, as a petition to reinstate the former dean has begun circulating. Reports say the petition, which has gained over 430 signatures, also calls for a third-party investigation into the work environment at the university.

A movement known as “Me Too” has recently swept the nation, giving a voice to women who have silently endured years of sexual harassment and discrimination. Discrimination of any kind is not only wrong, it is illegal in the workplace. California workers who have experienced harassment or discrimination could benefit from discussions with an employment law attorney. A successfully litigated lawsuit could result in reinstatement of employment as well as just compensation to replace lost wages.