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Victims of retaliation in the workplace can take action

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Losing a job is not a fun thing to experience. Most people know that loss of employment can quickly lead to financial hardships and can also cause much emotional and psychological distress. When a person is fired as an act of retaliation, the experience can be especially traumatic. Fortunately, employment laws exist in California and across the country to protect employees from retaliation in the workplace. When these laws are broken, legal action can be taken.

A former employee of a city in another state claims that he was wrongfully terminated and he has filed a lawsuit. The man worked as the foreman of the sewer department where he had been employed since 1992, the lawsuit said. According to the claim, the mayor of the city ran for re-election and the plaintiff campaigned for an opponent of the mayor.

In the weeks preceding the election, the plaintiff claims that he informed the mayor of his intention to campaign for an opponent but would not do this while at work. Allegedly, the plaintiff gained the mayor’s permission. The mayor won the election, and soon after, the plaintiff claims he was fired without cause. The plaintiff seeks damages of $1.5 million.

Sadly, wrongful termination claims such as this are becoming more common throughout the United States. Employees in California may not know that there are laws to protect them from unfair acts in the workplace such as retaliation. Victims of retaliation in the workplace can take matters into their own hands. A successful lawsuit could result in compensation that can offset loss of income and help victims get back on their feet.