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No person should ever be forced to endure discrimination

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In life, it is only right for every person to be treated fairly. No person should be judged or have less opportunity just because of gender or color of his or her skin. This is the very definition of discrimination, and no matter how it occurs, it is always wrong. These days in California and across the nation, more and more women are coming forward with allegations of gender discrimination. A former employee of a city in another state filed a lawsuit after she was allegedly harassed and discriminated against.

The woman worked as a recreation director and claims she endured a hostile working environment. According to the lawsuit, the woman was sexually harassed by her supervisor. After filing complaints, the mayor of the city became her supervisor, the lawsuit says.

The woman claims that male co-workers were given vehicles to drive, but she had to provide her own vehicle. Allegedly, male counterparts also received raises while the plaintiff did not. The plaintiff claims that the alleged hostile work environment led to a poor performance review which then led to her firing. The alleged discrimination and harassment endured by the plaintiff violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the lawsuit claims.

No person should ever be forced to endure discriminatory acts, especially at work. Those affected often experience psychological and emotional stress for the rest of their lives. California residents who have suffered harassment or discrimination in the workplace should consult a legal representative. A successful lawsuit could bring a sense of justice and result in compensation to help with lost wages.