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Multiple women file lawsuit alleging pregnancy discrimination

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Firm News

Unfortunately, discrimination is still very present in today’s society. Although a person may be discriminated against for many reasons, any type of discrimination is wrong and can be psychologically devastating for victims. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against a law firm in northern California over allegations of pregnancy discrimination.

The lawsuit was filed by three women who say they were discriminated against and mistreated after taking maternity leave. According to the plaintiffs, they endured numerous discriminatory and retaliatory acts when they returned to work from maternity leave. Allegedly, they all were passed over for promotions and denied the same pay raises as their peers. One of the plaintiffs claims she was told that her employer did not promote her because she had recently become a mother.

Another plaintiff claims that she was told by her superior that she needed to obtain more billable work, but she was denied when she asked for more. The lawsuit said that the firm demands mothers prove commitment to the firm by working more hours, but they are denied assignments because of a stereotype that they lack commitment since they are new mothers. Other allegations detail discriminatory acts even before the women took maternity leave.

A person can be discriminated against for many reasons. However, discrimination for any reason is not only wrong, when it occurs in the in the workplace, it is also unlawful. Workers in California that have been subjected to discrimination at work may have the option to pursue legal action. A successful lawsuit can provide just compensation to help with lost wages and also, if desired, reinstatement.

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