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Man files lawsuit after alleged age discrimination

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | Uncategorized

When employees in California and across the country face discriminatory acts at work, they can be psychologically scarred for life. The effects can be absolutely devastating. Discrimination is unacceptable and those that have been affected have options at their disposal to fight back. Recently, a former employee of the city of Fresno filed a lawsuit after he was allegedly wrongfully terminated.

The man says he worked for the city for 27 years. According to the lawsuit, he was fired so he could be replaced by a younger and less-experienced employee. The man claims that he was instructed to train a recently hired technician and was told that within two years the new employee should learn everything that the plaintiff knew, even though the plaintiff had almost three decades of experience.

The man says that he informed his manager that this would be nearly impossible, and claims that his boss retaliated and demoted him. The lawsuit also claims that the plaintiff was given several negative reviews on his job performance despite having nothing but superior performance reviews in his prior 27 years. Allegedly, the man was also forced into signing off on projects before they were ready. The lawsuit says the plaintiff informed his superiors that he had planned to enroll in a retirement program that was offered, but was fired not long after.

Age discrimination is occurring more frequently in today’s workplace. Older workers are being forced out in favor of younger, less-experienced and less-costly employees. California residents who have faced discrimination at work may be able to take legal action. A successful suit could result in rightful compensation and a sense of justice.

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