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California restaurant sued after alleged wage and hour violations

On Behalf of | May 30, 2018 | Wage And Hour

In California and across the United States, laws were enacted to protect workers and to make sure that employees get paid for the work that they provide. These wage and hour laws exist at the state and federal levels, and all employers must comply with these laws or face consequences such as hefty fines and lawsuits. Recently, a former employee of a San Francisco restaurant filed a lawsuit citing numerous labor law violations and disability discrimination.

The man worked as a busser for the restaurant for several years. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff accused the defendant of violating several labor laws by failing to pay him in a timely manner and not giving him itemized wage statements. The plaintiff also alleges that the restaurant did not allow him to take breaks from work that he was entitled to.

While employed, the plaintiff allegedly injured his wrist, which required time away from work. The lawsuit claims that, after receiving his doctor’s approval to return to work, the man’s employer did not communicate with him. Allegedly, when he showed up to work, his name had been removed from the work schedule, and he was terminated. The plaintiff claims that he was fired because of his disability, and he seeks all damages and just relief in the lawsuit.

These days, it is not uncommon for employers to neglect the pay of employees in an effort to cut costs and raise profits. Failing to pay employees, preventing employees from taking breaks and discriminating against employees are all very serious labor law violations. When employers deliberately break wage and hour laws, affected workers can take action and file a lawsuit. Compensation awarded from a successful lawsuit can help ease the financial burden that comes with lost wages.

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