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Woman wins $6 million in suit after losing her job to retaliation

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Uncategorized

No one should have to face harassment, especially in the workplace. When harassment comes directly from a manager or supervisor, the impacts can be psychologically and emotionally devastating. Employees in California that face harassment can and should report it. However, this can often bring about retaliation. A woman in another state recently won $6 million from a lawsuit she filed after she lost her job due to retaliation.

Reportedly, the woman had worked for Rite Aid for over 23 years . She claimed that an event at work caused her to have an emotional reaction that required her to be hospitalized. It was alleged that, when she returned to work following her medical treatment, she was transferred to four different stores. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was also subjected to derogatory remarks from her manager in front of co-workers and was falsely accused of giving out a prescription for free.

The woman also claimed that her supervisor asked some of her co-workers to make false statements about her in an attempt to get her fired. It was further claimed that the plaintiff eventually sent a letter to the CEO of Rite Aid detailing the alleged harassment. The plaintiff asserted that she was fired only a few days later in retaliation. The woman was awarded $6 million by a jury.

In California and across the United States, harassment and retaliation in the workplace is a direct violation of labor laws. Those who have been subjected to retaliation at work may be able to take legal action. A successful lawsuit could result in compensation to help with lost wages and ease the pain and suffering that comes with such an experience.

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