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Woman claims discrimination for being pregnant

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In California and across the country, full-time employees are entitled to certain rights. The Department of Labor currently enforces close to 200 employment laws in the United States. Some of the most important of these laws seek to abolish harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Most people are familiar with gender and racial discrimination, but discrimination exists in many forms and can affect nearly every person. What can be done when a worker loses employment due to discrimination?

A woman in another state was allegedly fired due to her pregnancy and she has since filed a lawsuit. The lawsuit says that the woman worked as a business development manager. The plaintiff claims that she found out she was pregnant one month into her employment. Allegedly, her superior prevented her from doing her job because she was pregnant.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff reported the actions of her superior, but nothing was done. The woman was fired from her job shortly after this, the lawsuit alleges. The plaintiff claims that she was fired due to her gender and pregnancy, and also says that she was not paid all the wages that were due to her. The plaintiff seeks punitive and compensatory damages plus interest and all other just relief.

Discriminating against a person for any reason is morally wrong and can have lasting traumatic effects both emotionally and psychologically. Discrimination in the workplace is also unlawful. Employees that face discrimination or harassment at work have options at their disposal. A successful lawsuit can provide financial relief to help with lost wages and may ease the pain and suffering that comes with this experience.

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