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Medical examiner faced retaliation for reporting harassment

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Uncategorized

Even in today’s progressive society, harassment and discrimination continue to occur in the workplace. Harassment can take on many forms, including verbal comments and threatening behavior based a person’s race, sex or religion. Harassment and discrimination in the workplace is morally wrong and also illegal in California and across the country. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employees to face retaliation after reporting harassment and discrimination. This allegedly happened to a woman in another state, and she filed a lawsuit.

The woman worked as a medical examiner in another state and allegedly experienced a pattern of harassment and unprofessional conduct. The lawsuit claims that the plaintiff was the target of verbal sexual harassment by her boss. After objecting to the alleged comments, the plaintiff claims she experienced retaliation and a hostile work environment.

According to suit, the plaintiff formally filed complaints against her boss to her executive director after allegedly enduring the toxic workplace for several months. The plaintiff claims she was told that her complaints would be investigated. However, she asserts that nothing was done and the harassment continued to get worse. The plaintiff alleges that she experienced retaliation for making the complaints and her boss even encouraged colleagues to retaliate and sabotage her work.

Workers in California that experience any form of retaliation are protected legally and can take a stand. Those subjected to unfair and unjust acts can benefit from discussions with an experienced employment law attorney. A successfully litigated lawsuit may result in compensation to help victims recover from the emotional and psychological devastation that can come from experiencing harassment and discrimination on the job.

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