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$1.5 million awarded to doctor who faced retaliation

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2018 | Uncategorized

Retaliatory acts in any walk of life can definitely have profound impacts on victims. However, when retaliation occurs in the workplace, the victim’s financial and emotional well-being are directly affected. Its effects can be absolutely devastating. California and other states have laws that protect employees from retaliation. A doctor in another state was allegedly fired as a retaliatory act and she was awarded compensation from a lawsuit that she had filed.

The plaintiff worked as an oncologist for a health system in another state. Allegedly, she was retaliated against for reporting numerous violations and patient safety issues. The lawsuit contained specific details of the alleged violations by another oncologist, which included a breast cancer patient with paralysis who was treated in the wrong area of the spine and another breast cancer patient who was treated with chemotherapy and radiation at the same time, which led to severe side effects.

The lawsuit claimed that, after reporting these incidents, the plaintiff was called to a meeting with her superiors and reprimanded. The plaintiff alleged to have witnessed more illegal acts by the same co-worker and again reported them, the lawsuit said. A short time later that she was placed on probation and relieved of her duties, according to the suit. The plaintiff was awarded $1.5 million in the lawsuit.

Fortunately, whistleblower laws offer protection to those workers who speak out against improper acts in the workplace. Those in California that have faced retaliation at work may be able to take legal action. A successfully litigated lawsuit could provide victims with compensation that can help replace lost wages.

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