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Women allegedly faces retaliation for reporting harassment

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2017 | Uncategorized

Modern employees can face a unique set of challenges and difficulties in offices and workplaces around the country. Things like harassment and discrimination can have profound affects on the livelihood as well as the mental and physical well-being of those affected. Harassment and discrimination in the workplace is not only very wrong, it is also illegal. What can be done when workers in California face retaliation for reporting harassment? A woman in another state was allegedly retaliated against for reporting harassment at work, and she has filed a lawsuit.

The woman was employed as an investigator for a state-run agency. According to the suit, she was subjected to sexual harassment by her supervisor. The plaintiff claims her supervisor made commonly made derogatory and inappropriate comments to her.

The woman alleges that she endured several months of harassment and psychological abuse before reporting the harassment to her superiors. The lawsuit says the plaintiff also reported other improper conduct and malpractice that she had witnessed. Allegedly, after the plaintiff reported the harassment and improprieties, she was retaliated against and subjected to hostility from her supervisor and co-workers. She also claims she was passed up for promotions for reporting the alleged harassment.

It is unfortunate that harassment and discrimination still exists in today’s progressive workplace. Employees in California are protected by law and have a right to take a stand against harassment and retaliation on the job. Seeking the services of a knowledgeable employment law attorney could help victims get through this difficult and emotional time.

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