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Woman files lawsuit due to alleged disability discrimination

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

Despite significant advancements and progress in society, discrimination continues to be a real problem in California and across the United States. Discriminating against a person based on age, sex, race or several other protected statuses is morally wrong and contrary to state and federal laws. When discrimination happens in the workplace, the effects can be especially traumatic. Recently, a woman in another state filed a lawsuit after she allegedly suffered discrimination in the workplace.

The plaintiff worked as a general manager for a company in another state. According to the lawsuit, the woman was terminated from her employment because of her disability. The plaintiff says that she worked at the company for over two years before being hired as a general manager.

The woman claims she had to make regular visits to a specialist due to a thyroid issue. She alleges that after she was hired into the general manager position, her superiors no longer let her leave to attend her doctor’s appointments. She claims that she was accused of altering payroll records of employees and fired. She asserts that the defendants discriminated against her because of her disability and retaliated against her for requesting leave. She seeks seeks punitive and actual damages, as well as attorney’s fees and court costs.

Discrimination in any form is hurtful and wrong. When employees are discriminated against in the workplace, legal action may be appropriate. Workers in the state of California that have been discriminated against by their employer could benefit from seeking the services of an employment law attorney. A successfully litigated lawsuit could result in much-needed compensation as well as reinstatement in appropriate circumstances.

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