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Woman suffers retaliation in the form of demotion and termination

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In the state of California and across the United States, laws exist to protect all employees from wrongful acts by employers. Most people are familiar with laws against harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately, not many people know that there are also laws that protect against retaliation in the workplace. Retaliation in the workplace can be defined as any adverse action taken against an employee for reporting illegal acts or complaining about things such as discrimination or harassment. In another state, a woman filed a lawsuit against her former employer recently, alleging that she was retaliated against.

The woman is the former head of a Human Services department. She claims that she was demoted and eventually terminated as retaliation because she reported potential illegal activities. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff noticed that child support records were unsecured. When audited by Social Services, the plaintiff claims that her superiors and co-workers lied about the records being secured.

The lawsuit asserts that the plaintiff reported these occurrences and was demoted to a lesser position. While in her demoted position, the plaintiff alleges that she was treated in a demeaning manor. After expressing her displeasure in the demotion, the plaintiff says she was terminated from her position. The plaintiff seeks compensatory relief and back pay, as well as the value of lost retirement and health benefits.

Unfortunately, some employers these days will choose to take action against employees that complain or report illegal activities. Employees all across the country are protected by law and can take legal action. Those in California that have been affected by retaliation in the workplace may benefit by seeking the services of a knowledgeable employment law attorney. A successful claim could result in financial relief as well as reinstatement of employment and benefits.

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