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Former California police chief allegedly faced retaliation

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The loss of employment can be a very difficult and stressful experience. When things such as retaliation or discrimination contribute to job loss, the stress and trauma of the experience can be magnified. Workers in California are protected by law from things such as retaliation and discrimination in the workplace. But what can be done when an employer blatantly ignores these laws and fires an employee as a retaliatory act? Legal action can be pursued.

A former California police chief recently filed a lawsuit, alleging he was subjected to discrimination and eventually lost his job as a form of retaliation. The plaintiff claims he brought to light alleged illegal activity that was occurring within the police department. The lawsuit asserts that the plaintiff’s supervisors banded against him, and he was fired less than two months into his employment.

The plaintiff claims he also suffered harassment and racial discrimination during his employment. He believes he was retaliated against by his superiors and fired for reporting the alleged illegal activity. According to the lawsuit, the experience has caused the plaintiff to suffer emotional distress and violates the California Labor Code.

Losing a job not only affects a person financially, but the experience can also bring about emotional and psychological trauma. Workers in California and across the United States can fight back against unjust actions in the workplace. Any California resident that feels he or she has been a victim of retaliation in the workplace has the right to purse legal action. Compensation awarded from a successfully litigated lawsuit could provide a sense of justice as well as much-needed financial relief.

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