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Wage and hour class-action suit ends in $3.5 million settlement

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2017 | Uncategorized

In the world of business today, companies are looking for more and more ways to raise profits and cut costs. Unfortunately, these cost-cutting measures sometimes directly affect workers. Paying employees for the work they provide is required by law in the state of California and across the country. Wage and hour laws exist at the federal and state level to offer protection for all workers, but employers sometimes break these laws; when that happens, legal action can be taken. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against a well-known clothing retailer over alleged violations of several wage and hour laws.

The lawsuit featured a well-known clothier, Ann Taylor. A plaintiff that was named in the case worked for the company in Los Angeles for a period of about two years. According to the plaintiff, the employer violated California wage and hour laws.

The defendant was accused of missed meal breaks and unpaid wages. Other alleged violations committed by the employer included failing to meet minimum wage requirements, neglecting to pay workers on overtime, failing to pay final wages when an employee was terminated and failing to provide meal and rest breaks. The class-action lawsuit ended in a $3.5 million settlement to be paid by the retailer to over 8,000 participants in the lawsuit.

Unfortunately, it seems wage and hour laws are increasingly being ignored by employers in California and across the United States these days. Employees that have been neglected in such a manner can take action and file a lawsuit. Compensation awarded from a successfully litigated lawsuit can help ease the financial burden that comes with lost wages.

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