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Alleged retaliation citied in recent lawsuit

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Uncategorized

Being fired from a job is an experience that no person wants to face and can have significant financial impacts. When employment is lost due to retaliation, the experience can be devastating and downright traumatic. Workers in California and across the country are protected by certain laws from unfair acts in the workplace. Those who have experienced retaliation in the workplace can take legal action, just like a worker in another state did.

The lawsuit claims that the woman’s employer retaliated against her and fired her for having a second job. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff became pregnant and had to leave her position. The plaintiff claims the employer told her that she was leaving in good standing and would be welcomed back after the birth of her child. The plaintiff returned to work after the birth of her daughter, but unfortunately, her daughter was diagnosed with several serious medical conditions, the lawsuit alleges.

Reportedly, the plaintiff requested time off periodically to help with her daughter’s health conditions and doctor’s appointments. The plaintiff claims that her employer never informed her of her rights to Family and Medical Leave Act benefits to care for her daughter. After obtaining a second job to help pay for medical expenses, the plaintiff claims her employer verbally harassed her on several occasions and eventually terminated her employment as a form of retaliation. The plaintiff seeks punitive and compensatory damages.

Workers in California are protected from acts such as this in the workplace, However, it seems some employers still continue to violate these laws. Victims of retaliation in the workplace have the right to take legal action and pursue damages. A successful lawsuit could result in much-needed financial relief as well as a sense of justice.

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