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4 signs that you might be a victim of wage theft

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | Wage And Hour

The prices for common goods have skyrocketed over the last year. Many people are working multiple jobs just to keep up. Missing even one paycheck could have devastating effects on a household. However, some employees are not getting the pay that they worked for.

An employer could illegally take money away from employees. Here are a few signs that an employee is a victim of wage theft:

1. You were not paid for overtime

California wage laws state that employees who work more than eight hours in a workday are entitled to one and one-half of their typical wage for the extra hours worked. The same can be said if an employee works more than 40 hours in a week. If an employee works more than 12 hours in a day, they are entitled to twice their typical pay for the hours they work above that threshold. Receiving anything less would be a form of wage theft.

2. Your uniform was paid for with your wages

Employees may be required to wear uniforms while working. The employer may try to deduct part of an employee’s salary to pay for the costs of it. However, this would be an illegal deduction.

3. You were misclassified as exempt or contracted

It’s important that employees are correctly classified. If an employee is misclassified as exempt, then they may not receive the overtime benefits they should. Likewise, if an employee was incorrectly classified as contracted, then the employee could lose the right to minimum wage, overtime benefits and workers’ compensation.

4. A check bounced

Employers have the responsibility to pay their employees on time. If an employee is given a check and it bounces or if a regular payment is late, then it could be considered a form of wage theft.

It may be necessary for victims of wage theft to learn about their legal options.