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3 signs of subtle racial discrimination in the workplace

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Discrimination

As you walk into your office building, you can’t help but notice that the environment feels slightly off. It’s not overtly hostile, but you sense that something is amiss. Over time, you realize that subtle racial discrimination is present in your workplace. 

Despite your qualifications and experience, you notice things that leave you feeling excluded and undervalued. This is often the result of these three types of subtle racial discrimination:

1. Unconscious bias in assignments

You notice that your colleagues of the same race as your manager tend to receive more challenging and high-profile projects, while you are often given tasks that don’t showcase your full potential. This unequal distribution of work opportunities hinders your professional growth and might impact your career trajectory.

2. Unequal recognition

Your accomplishments and contributions are often overlooked or undervalued compared to your colleagues of the same race as your manager. You may have feelings of resentment and frustration, as you know that you deserve equal recognition for your hard work.

3. Limited opportunities for advancement

You recognize that there are few people of your race in leadership positions within the company. A lack of representation may signal to you that your opportunities for growth and advancement are limited, which can be disheartening and demotivating.

If you find yourself experiencing subtle racial discrimination at work, it’s essential to act. You can begin by documenting incidents and discussing your concerns with your manager, human resources or a trusted colleague. If necessary, you may have to take legal action to stop the discrimination. Remember, you have the right to a fair and inclusive work environment.