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Can your boss stop you from quitting?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2021 | Employment Law

You want to quit your job and move on to something new. Your boss, however, does not want you to leave since you’re a very valuable asset to the company. 

When you try to tell them that you’re quitting, you can tell that they’re thinking about ways to get you to stay. Is there anything your boss can actually do to force you not to stay against your will? Or are you legally allowed to leave whenever you want?

You can quit if you’re not under contract

The big question here is whether or not you have a contract (and what that contract says). 

Most employees operate under at-will employment laws. This means that the company can fire you at any time (as long as they aren’t acting illegally in some way), and you can quit at any time. The “will” to work together has to come from both sides. If it doesn’t, the working relationship ends. It also means you can quit for any reason — or without one — whenever you desire. An employer can’t make you stay. Frankly, they can’t even force you to give notice.

If you signed a contract, however, you’re no longer an at-will employee. You may still be able to quit, but your options all depend on the terms you agreed to in that contract. If it says you can’t leave until a specific date, then you may face legal ramifications if you quit anyway and you violate that contract. 

Working through employment disputes

This is just one way that an employment dispute can arise, and it can drastically impact your career. Be sure you know what legal steps you need to take at this time. An experienced advocate can help you better explore your legal options when you want out of your contract.