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Workers file suit citing disturbing allegations of discrimination

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

In a perfect world, every person would be equal and receive fair treatment. Unfortunately, the world today is far from perfect and thousands of people across the country are discriminated against every single day. Treating a person differently or unfairly because of differing characteristics is the definition of discrimination. California residents who experience this in the workplace can take legal action.

Four African-American workers in San Francisco say they were subjected to harassment and racial discrimination while working for a construction company, and they have filed a lawsuit. According to claims, the men endured disturbing acts of bullying and harassment while on the job. One of the men worked as a plumber and claims there were swastikas and racist messages left for him on the bathroom walls of his job site.

Another man claims that a soap dispenser he was using was filled with feces. The man said he reported the actions to his superiors but nothing was done. The lawsuit goes on to detail several allegations of death threats and racial comments the men were allegedly forced to endure while at work. The plaintiffs seek damages for their alleged emotional and mental distress.

In California, workers have a right to be treated fairly regardless of their gender, ethnicity, or any other form of unlawful discrimination. Unfortunately, discrimination still occurs at an alarming rate around the country. Those in California who have been discriminated against in the workplace could benefit by seeking the services of a knowledgeable legal representative. By filing a claim, victims could receive damages for any hardships they’ve experienced due to unfair treatment.