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Employees should always report discrimination and harassment

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

California has laws in place to protect all employees. No person should have to endure harassment, especially not in the workplace. However, a pharmacist in another state claims that she was fired after reporting harassment and discrimination while working at a hospital. The alleged victim has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, the woman, who is African-American, claims that she experienced harassment from several other employees. Reportedly, the lawsuit names at least 10 other employees who allegedly made sexist or racist remarks to the plaintiff. According to the lawsuit, co-workers made comments about the shape of the woman’s body even on her first training day. Allegedly, another employee told the plaintiff that he did not like African-Americans because he had poor experiences working with them in the past.

The woman claims that her boss also tried to end her employment so that he could pursue a romantic relationship with her. She reported the alleged inappropriate remarks and behavior to her supervisors on several different occasions, the lawsuit says. However, the woman says nothing was done and the harassment continued. The plaintiff claims that she was accused of delaying care to a patient and was fired, even though she did not receive appropriate orders to administer care to the patient. The plaintiff seeks $300 million in damages.

Tragically, harassment such as this often goes unreported at workplaces around the country. Discrimination in any form is wrong and unacceptable. Those in California who have been subjected to harassment and discrimination at work can take legal action. A successful lawsuit could result in a substantial award to help with lost wages and other financial losses.