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Woman allegedly faced retaliation for reporting abusive texts

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Uncategorized

Employees today in California and across the United States have laws to protect them from illegal acts in the workplace such as discrimination and harassment. However, workers are also protected by law from retaliation. Sometimes, disagreements may become hostile and superiors may choose to retaliate. Retaliation can come in many forms, such as a salary reduction, demotion and even termination. A woman in another state claims that she experienced retaliation in the form of termination and she has filed a lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the woman worked as a communications director for a police department. She claims that a former supervisor sent her several abusive text messages. The suit says when she reported the incidents, she was told that the supervisor was known for such behavior. Allegedly, the supervisor also used employees for personal errands.

The lawsuit claims that after the plaintiff reported the behavior, she met with executives and the chief of staff and was asked to resign. They cited the reasoning as a failed background check, which stemmed from an incident that happened 10 years prior and was known about prior to her hiring, the woman claims. The plaintiff claims that she was fired in retaliation for reporting the alleged abusive behavior of her former supervisor. She seeks back pay and reinstatement.

Employment laws in California strictly prohibit discrimination, harassment and retaliation in the workplace. Those who have faced retaliation at work can take action and file a lawsuit. Damages from a successful claim could help victims navigate through the financial struggles that come with loss of employment.