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Woman sues after experiencing harassment and discrimination

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Navigating life in modern-day America can be a challenging and daunting endeavor. A crucial part of a successful life these days is obtaining stable, full-time employment. Gainful employment contributes to a person’s sense of accomplishment and well-being. When a job is wrongfully stripped away due to things like discrimination or harassment, the effects can be absolutely devastating not only financially, but also psychologically. In the state of California, discrimination and harassment in the workplace is not only wrong, it is illegal.

A woman in another state filed a lawsuit after she was forced to quit because of what she says was a hostile environment. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was treated horribly and harassed by many of her co-workers. Allegedly, her co-workers would frequently yell at her and talk about her in a derogatory manner. The plaintiff claims she reported the harassment to her manager but nothing was done.

The lawsuit claims that the plaintiff also requested to be transferred to another division to avoid the alleged toxic situation, but her transfer was denied. The woman says her superiors told her to quit if she was not happy with her employment. The lawsuit alleges that the defendant violated the Human Rights Act in her state and allowed a hostile work environment to exist.

Harassment and discrimination can have many profound and traumatic effects on victims. Unfortunately, discrimination continues to happen in today’s society, and when it happens in the workplace legal action can be taken. Those in California that have experienced discrimination at work could benefit by consulting with an experienced, employment law attorney.

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