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Ex-CEO allegedly faced retaliation for taking medical leave

Working full time in the United States means employees are entitled to certain benefits on top of pay. One of these benefits, the Family and Medical Leave Act, entitles eligible employees an extended time off from work if they have a medical condition that requires extensive care. This state has its own version, called the California Family Rights Act. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for workers in this state and across the country to face retaliation for taking advantage of these protections. A man in another state allegedly faced retaliation for using medical leave, and he has filed a lawsuit.

Lawsuit filed by former employees over alleged retaliation

Workers in the state of California and across the nation have the right to speak out against wrong or unlawful acts they witness in the workplace. Whistleblower laws exist to protect employees from retaliation for reporting employer actions that are illegal or violate certain policies. What can be done when an employee is retaliated against or punished for reporting illegal activity? When this happens, legal action may be taken.

Former employee of media conglomerate subjected to retaliation

No person should have to put up with a hostile environment at work. However, even in today's progressive society, things like harassment and discrimination still occur far too often in workplaces across the country. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against NBCUniversal in Los Angeles, California, over allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation.

Woman suffers retaliation in the form of demotion and termination

In the state of California and across the United States, laws exist to protect all employees from wrongful acts by employers. Most people are familiar with laws against harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately, not many people know that there are also laws that protect against retaliation in the workplace. Retaliation in the workplace can be defined as any adverse action taken against an employee for reporting illegal acts or complaining about things such as discrimination or harassment. In another state, a woman filed a lawsuit against her former employer recently, alleging that she was retaliated against.

Employee faces alleged retaliation for whistleblowing

When workers in California and across the country witness illegal acts occurring in the workplace, they have the right to speak up and blow the whistle. Unfortunately, employers can and do retaliate against employees for speaking up, which often results in the termination of the whistleblowing employee. However, all states have laws that protect whistleblowers from retaliation by employers. Recently, a man in another state filed a lawsuit against a former employer after he was allegedly fired for exposing improper conduct.

Former California police chief allegedly faced retaliation

The loss of employment can be a very difficult and stressful experience. When things such as retaliation or discrimination contribute to job loss, the stress and trauma of the experience can be magnified. Workers in California are protected by law from things such as retaliation and discrimination in the workplace. But what can be done when an employer blatantly ignores these laws and fires an employee as a retaliatory act? Legal action can be pursued.

Nurse says she faced retaliation for using workers' compensation

A quintessential part of adulthood is acquiring a full-time, stable job. One of the great things about full-time employment are the benefits that come with the position. These benefits typically include paid time off, health and dental insurance, paid medical leave and workers' compensation. Workers' compensation is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical insurance in the event that workers suffer job-related injuries or illnesses. What can be done when an employee faces retaliation for rightfully using workers' compensation?

Alleged retaliation citied in recent lawsuit

Being fired from a job is an experience that no person wants to face and can have significant financial impacts. When employment is lost due to retaliation, the experience can be devastating and downright traumatic. Workers in California and across the country are protected by certain laws from unfair acts in the workplace. Those who have experienced retaliation in the workplace can take legal action, just like a worker in another state did.

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