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Woman claims discrimination for being pregnant

In California and across the country, full-time employees are entitled to certain rights. The Department of Labor currently enforces close to 200 employment laws in the United States. Some of the most important of these laws seek to abolish harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Most people are familiar with gender and racial discrimination, but discrimination exists in many forms and can affect nearly every person. What can be done when a worker loses employment due to discrimination?

Former Google employee files lawsuit alleging discrimination

Workers in California should not have to face things such as harassment and discrimination while at work. Although workplace harassment and discrimination are against the law, these things continue to occur across the country. Victims of discrimination may experience turmoil and distress that can last a lifetime. Google is at the center of a recent lawsuit filed by a former employee, alleging the tech giant facilitated an environment of harassment and discrimination.

Discrimination in the workplace is not only wrong but illegal

In California and across the country, significant progress has been made for the advancement of rights in the workplace. However, even in today's more progressive society, things like discrimination continue to happen at an alarming rate. Discrimination in any form is very wrong and can have far-reaching impacts, both financially and psychologically. What can be done when discrimination is experienced in the workplace? Legal action can be pursued.

Woman files lawsuit due to alleged disability discrimination

Despite significant advancements and progress in society, discrimination continues to be a real problem in California and across the United States. Discriminating against a person based on age, sex, race or several other protected statuses is morally wrong and contrary to state and federal laws. When discrimination happens in the workplace, the effects can be especially traumatic. Recently, a woman in another state filed a lawsuit after she allegedly suffered discrimination in the workplace.

Man fired as a result of alleged racial discrimination

It is common knowledge that discrimination in any form is wrong and can have lasting and negative impacts on a person's life. When discrimination happens in the workplace, the effects can be especially traumatizing. Fortunately, there are laws in the state of California and across the country to protect employees from facing discrimination in the workplace. Despite these laws, discrimination still occurs. A lawsuit was filed in another state after an employee was allegedly discriminated against and fired.

The Next Workplace Rights Frontier: Gender Discrimination

Employees are currently protected from harassment and discrimination based on sex. But whether that legal protection will extend to sexual orientation still remains to be seen. If some plaintiffs have their way, there wouldn't have to be new laws to enshrine this protection: gender discrimination would be outlawed based on existing laws banning sex discrimination.

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