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Woman files lawsuit alleging gender discrimination

In recent years, great improvements have been made for women's rights. For decades, women silently endured discriminatory acts, but these days more and more women are taking a stand for equality in the workplace. Although the movement to end gender discrimination has made significant progress, women are unfortunately still discriminated against at work and in society. Discrimination is completely wrong and can cause great psychological damage to victims.

Proposal may help California residents facing age discrimination

Older Americans generally have a wealth of knowledge. They typically know what has been tried before, why one method will work better than another and a vast array of other critical details. This type of knowledge is gained through experience; however, some companies do not recognize the value of these older individuals. In fact, some older California residents will find themselves the victim of age discrimination either in their current job or as they are searching for a new job.

Lawsuit filed over allegations of pregnancy discrimination

Could a female employee be fired from a job just for being pregnant? The answer is yes, and depending on the situation, this could be considered pregnancy discrimination. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employers to try to force an employee out just for being pregnant. A woman in California recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after allegedly suffering pregnancy discrimination.

Age discrimination is becoming prevalent these days

As the American workforce ages, it's becoming commonplace for employers to force out older workers. However, older workers can be just as proficient as younger workers, and older workers have just as many rights as younger workers. The Age Discrimination Employment Act of 1967 made it illegal for employers to discriminate against an employee based on age. Unfortunately, this does not stop age discrimination from happening in the workplace.

Lawsuit against a university alleges discrimination

Judging a person based on gender or the color of the individual's skin is wrong and incredibly distressing for victims. There are many types of discrimination, but racial discrimination in particular is still prevalent in the United States. One would think that modern-day society would progress past this, but sadly, racial discrimination still happens frequently in workplaces across California.

Lawsuits allege harassment and discrimination

Many work environments in the United States today are fast-paced and cutthroat. Some employees will do anything to gain an advantage, even at the expense of their co-workers. Harassment and discrimination are still issues in workplaces all around the country. Employees in California who are subjected to discrimination at work may fear that if they speak up they will lose their job. They may feel that there is nothing they can do, but this is not the case.

Women still endure harassment and discrimination in the workplace

Throughout American history, woman have had to silently endure sexual harassment and discrimination. These days, more and more women are choosing to speak out and stand up for what's right. Because of this bravery, significant progress has been made for women's rights in California and across the country. Unfortunately, harassment and discrimination against women still occurs far too often in the workplace. Recently, a woman in another state filed a lawsuit against her former employer over allegations of sexual harassment.

Discrimination: Man awarded $2.5 million in lawsuit

Unfortunately, those who have differing characteristics are often discriminated against in today's society. Discrimination can never be justified; it is completely immoral and wrong. Unfortunately, despite significant improvements, employees in California and across the country still endure discrimination in the workplace.

Thousands of employees endure age discrimination

Unfortunately, those who are older are sometimes seen as inferior in the workplace. However, older employees can be very productive and can do just as much as younger employees. Having to endure discrimination in any form can do great psychological damage to a person. When discrimination occurs in the workplace, victims can pursue legal action. Tragically, thousands of employees in California and across the country endure age discrimination in the workplace.

Men can also face gender discrimination

Discriminatory acts, although wrong, are still quite common in California workplaces, despite significant advancements made in modern society. There's no doubt that discrimination can cause extreme psychological and emotional trauma in victims. Treating a person differently just because of race, gender or age is a denial of basic human rights and completely dehumanizing. A recent lawsuit filed by a man in another state portrays allegations of disturbing acts of harassment as well as gender and age discrimination.

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