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January 2019 Archives

Family and Medical Leave Act: Determining eligibility

Sometimes, life events, such as an injury or the need to take care of an immediate family member, may force full-time employees in California to take an extended amount of time off from work. Fortunately, options are available to qualified employees that could protect their employment during such events. In 1993, the federal government enacted the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This law allows eligible and qualified employees up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave.

Retaliation at work is not only wrong, but illegal

Most people would agree that lying is never a good thing. In some cases, lying at work is enough to warrant termination in the state of California. But what if a manager asks an employee to lie about a situation, then fires the employee in retaliation for refusing to lie? This is allegedly what happened to an employee in another state and she filed a lawsuit.

Men can also face gender discrimination

Discriminatory acts, although wrong, are still quite common in California workplaces, despite significant advancements made in modern society. There's no doubt that discrimination can cause extreme psychological and emotional trauma in victims. Treating a person differently just because of race, gender or age is a denial of basic human rights and completely dehumanizing. A recent lawsuit filed by a man in another state portrays allegations of disturbing acts of harassment as well as gender and age discrimination.

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