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California restaurant sued after alleged wage and hour violations

In California and across the United States, laws were enacted to protect workers and to make sure that employees get paid for the work that they provide. These wage and hour laws exist at the state and federal levels, and all employers must comply with these laws or face consequences such as hefty fines and lawsuits. Recently, a former employee of a San Francisco restaurant filed a lawsuit citing numerous labor law violations and disability discrimination.

What is ageism in the workplace?

When you think about workplace discrimination in Los Angeles, you might think of unlawful behaviors involving gender, pregnancy, religion or race. You might not realize there is another type of employment discrimination you need to know about – ageism. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act offers employees protection against employers who use unlawful employment practices with workers over the age of 40 years old. 

Man files lawsuit after alleged age discrimination

When employees in California and across the country face discriminatory acts at work, they can be psychologically scarred for life. The effects can be absolutely devastating. Discrimination is unacceptable and those that have been affected have options at their disposal to fight back. Recently, a former employee of the city of Fresno filed a lawsuit after he was allegedly wrongfully terminated.

Retaliation: Chipotle ordered to pay ex-manager almost $8 million

When employees are injured at work, extended time off may be required in order to recover. Fortunately, laws exist in California that grant injured workers this much-needed time off without losing employment or benefits. However, workers taking an extended time away from work can result in lost revenues for employers, and they may choose to take their frustrations out on innocent employees, resulting in retaliation.

Man cites discrimination in wrongful termination suit

In today's world of business, its not uncommon for employers to weed out older employees in favor of younger and, often, less experienced workers. Although older workers provide value in terms of experience, some employers may see older employees as hurtful to their bottom line, since older, experienced employees are often paid more.  Discriminating against an employee because of age or any reason is against the law in California. What can be done when an employee experiences discrimination in the workplace? The victim can take legal action and file a lawsuit.

Mulitple women file lawsuit alleging pregnancy discrimination

Unfortunately, discrimination is still very present in today's society. Although a person may be discriminated against for many reasons, any type of discrimination is wrong and can be psychologically devastating for victims. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against a law firm in northern California over allegations of pregnancy discrimination.

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