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February 2018 Archives

Former Google employee files lawsuit alleging discrimination

Workers in California should not have to face things such as harassment and discrimination while at work. Although workplace harassment and discrimination are against the law, these things continue to occur across the country. Victims of discrimination may experience turmoil and distress that can last a lifetime. Google is at the center of a recent lawsuit filed by a former employee, alleging the tech giant facilitated an environment of harassment and discrimination.

Two businesses sued after alleged wage and hour violations

The fundamental basis for all types of employment is that the employee is paid for the work he or she provides. This is required by law in California and across the United States. The Fair Labor Standards Act was enacted to ensure that workers are compensated fairly and requires that employees be paid overtime pay of time and a half when they work in excess of 40 hours per week. These are also commonly referred to as wage and hour laws. Unfortunately, some employers will choose to break these laws.

Former officer faced retaliation for choosing not to shoot

Sometimes, employees in California and across the country will face punishment for doing the right thing. A wrongful termination lawsuit filed by a police officer in another state details allegations of retaliation because the officer chose not to discharge his firearm. Allegedly, the officer chose not to use deadly force on a suicidal man and was punished for his decision.

Researcher experiences retaliation for reporting violations

Whistleblower is a term most often used to describe a person that reports or "blows the whistle" on inappropriate or illegal activity in the workplace. In California and across the country, there are whistleblower laws that offer protection for these employees. However, some employers will ignore these laws and punish the whistleblowing workers in retaliation.

Former HR director faced retaliation for reporting misconduct

Losing a good-paying, steady job is an experience that no California resident wants to face. However, when employment is lost due to such things as retaliation or harassment, the experience can be absolutely devastating. A scenario like this recently made headlines in another state. According to reports, a former Human Resources director was retaliated against for allegedly reporting the inappropriate conduct of a superior, and he subsequently filed a lawsuit.

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